Together with the luxury London-based company, Savoir, Dame Zandra Rhodes has designed a bed that is simply too stylish for ruffled sheets. The collaboration pays homage to two interior and fashion icons that are equally synonymous with style and innovative artistry – the result is a velvet-kissed tribute to springtime, the season we are so yearning for.  The elegantly named Lilies stems from what is, perhaps, the Dame’s most eminent work – her Field of Lilies, which is exhibited in the Textiles and Fashion Collection at the Victoria and Albert Museum.  Rhodes rejuvenated this pattern exclusively for Savoir to create a ‘functional work of art’ on a piece of furniture we all retreat to when the sun goes down: the bed.  Discover more below – and don’t miss our bedroom ideas picture gallery. And it’s a kaleidoscopic cocktail of Savior’s opulent heritage, mixed with Dame Zandra’s electric aesthetics. However, despite the association we make between Rhodes and her fearless color palette, the designs convey an overriding theme of total harmony.  While designing Lilies in lockdown, Dame Zandra adapted each of her six new pieces to create therapeutic, soothing tones of tranquility. In a pandemic-filled climate, when there is an ever-increasing desire for serenity, we are lusting after every piece.  If the designs weren’t quite dreamy enough, we were already sold on the names: Golden Prophecy, Wonderland, Pink Daydream, Blue Dreamscape, Spring Awakening, and Silver Moondance. You will have to leave your Blue Dreamscape for a morning of virtual meetings – and, in advance, we’re sorry you’ll have to go through that.  Lilies is available on a Savoir (opens in new tab) Nº2 Slim Bed Set, UK Super King from around approx $46,000/£33,680.