The musician, who recently released her record-breaking album Midnights, could have her pick of the best candles available – but which scent did she recently reveal as her favorite? The answer is Tree House (opens in new tab) by Byredo. A scent that is described as ’enchanting’ – thanks to its spicy forestlike aroma that could come from a fairytale. When answering Vogue’s (opens in new tab) 73 Questions, Taylor shared that the woody fragrance is her favorite aroma; eagle-eyed readers may have already spotted the candle on a tray in her living room.  Taylor purchased her Beverly Hills estate in 2015. The estate once belonged to Samuel Goldwyn, a Polish-born American film producer best known for Wuthering Heights and The Best Years of Our Lives, among others, released in the 1930s and 40s. It remains her primary residence while in Los Angeles.  Byredo’s Tree House draws inspiration from architect Takashi Kobayashi who constructs buildings using the natural environment of Japanese forests. The scent is ideal for those who enjoy woody fragrances in their home; thanks to its spicy sandalwood undertones and deep base notes of leather.  In the footage, Taylor shows viewers around her $25 million home – offering a glimpse at her personality-filled decorating ideas. These include the music room, and her kitchen, where she keeps a VMA (MTV Video Music Award) next to her coffee maker. In her living space, the candle sits on a table next to her rust-hued armchair, where she has added a striped cushion and a cream-colored throw. Byredo’s Tree House may be Taylor Swift’s favorite candle, but she also reportedly enjoys Le Labo’s Santal 26 (opens in new tab) – a luxury candle that was spotted in her London home during the first secret-session listening party of her Lover album.  Attendee Nadianiffi (opens in new tab) shared a Reddit post that revealed the singer had the candles dotted ’everywhere’ around her mansion which is reportedly in Primrose Hill, North London.  It seems evident that Taylor Swift admires woody, leather scents above all else – but who can resist these candles when they look and smell this good? Le Labo’s soy wax candle has a smoky, leathery scent (similar to that of Tree House). It is blended in the label’s workshop and hand-poured in a sleek glass vessel for an elegant look in any home. Le Labo recommends placing it in the larger rooms of your home, where the fragrance can circulate. Taylor Swift’s Midnights is among the most talked-about albums of 2022. It includes the songs Anti-Hero, Midnights, and Bejeweled. 

Taylor Swift s  favorite  candle is a staple of her LA home   Homes   Gardens - 20Taylor Swift s  favorite  candle is a staple of her LA home   Homes   Gardens - 70Taylor Swift s  favorite  candle is a staple of her LA home   Homes   Gardens - 30