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Mention the phrase Farrow & Ball and chances are Hague Blue springs to mind, so it is no surprise that this color was voted the most popular color from the Farrow & Ball paint range. But there are many other blues that are worth mentioning. Here are our favourite Farrow & Ball blue paint colors.

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The best Farrow & Ball blue paint

The fact that blue is the colour most widely used in decoration is testament to its amazing transformative powers.

1. Hague Blue

Deep and bright, indigo is surely the most joyful blue hue. Sitting between pure blue and violet on the colour spectrum, this intense color is the blue paint shade of choice for designers and artists – it’s the electric pigment behind Yves Klein’s famous International Klein Blue and Henri Matisse’s Blue Nudes series. It’s even the signature hue of the late, great Sir Terence Conran’s shirts. A photo posted by on

2. Inchyra Blue

Blue and white is a powerful color combination, evoking childhood memories of walks along the pier at the seaside. The clever duo also works to smarten up a scheme and provide a striking backdrop for artwork and photographs.  A photo posted by on A photo posted by on Forget notions of kitsch coastal schemes, Farrow & Ball blue paint is a modern update.

3. Stiffkey Blue

Opulent and rich, Stiffkey Blue will create an exotic feel and bring the outdoors into your home. A photo posted by on

4. Drawing Room Blue

This blue makes such a strong statement that it can stand up on its own. Drawing Room Blue has a clean, graphic feel that works particularly well alongside black paint. When contrasted with white, it gains a regal edge, looking deeper and more intense. A photo posted by on

5. Claydon Blue

This season, paint trends are definitely leaning towards the deep, evocative moods of the Old Masters. The colors and composition of the Old Master paintings are a wonderfully rich source of inspiration. Evocative of nature, this colour is part of Farrow & Ball’s archive collection. A photo posted by on

6. Scotch Blue

Deep navy tones promote calmness and are the perfect choice for your living room, bedroom or even your garden – typically spaces that you go to for escape and respite. A photo posted by on

7. Vardo

Blue consistently tops the charts of our favourite colors but when it comes to decorating, its negative connotations of being cold and masculine can stop some of us paying it due attention. But a major plus that’s worth bearing in mind is that blue works well with northern hemisphere light which, for most of the year, is already quite blue. A photo posted by on

8. Oval Room Blue

Calm, cool and collected, the color blue is a decorating win-win: not only does it make a beautiful base for a scheme but it’s scientifically proven to be a subconsciously calming shade, making it the ideal color for a children’s room. A photo posted by on A photo posted by on

9. De Nimes

This quietly elegant blue feels wonderfully down to earth, and is a fantastic way to create a heritage appearance in a modern home. This dark blue shade is rooted in a regency palette but is inspired by the cloth of everyday workwear made in the French city Nîmes. A photo posted by on

10. Dix Blue

Because cool tones aren’t overpowering, they often help a small room appear to have more space, which can make them a great choice for narrow hallways. However, they are wonderful in larger rooms that have good natural daylight, too. Match them with warm, woody textures to allow the space to feel inviting. A photo posted by on See all these paints at Farrow & Ball (opens in new tab)