Real estate experts give their tips on how to buy a house in the best location in Pennsylvania.

The best place to buy a vacation home in Pennsylvania

And the best place to buy a vacation home in Pennsylvania is the Pocono mountains. Including forests, mountains, and lakes, this beautiful region in the east of the state is particularly famous for panoramic views and long hiking trails. Its proximity to Philadelphia makes it popular with families, and, best of all, the Poconos remain affordable to real estate investors.  John MedinaFounder of real estate investor business, John Medina Buys Houses (opens in new tab), commented: ‘The Poconos is definitely the best place to buy a vacation home in the state. It’s a great location since it is just a couple of hours from Philly, and the median home price is still relatively low compared to a lot of popular vacation home spots. And since it does have such a great location, renting it out when you’re not using it is a great option to recoup some of your investment.’ There is some indication that the Pcoconos may not remain affordable for that much longer. The median home price in the region jumped from around $150,000 to well over $200,000 during the pandemic, and homes sell very fast.  A top tip from Simon Ru, realtor with over eight years’ experience and CEO of Upnest (opens in new tab), is to focus on the smaller towns that still offer great value for money: ‘There are many small communities with affordable housing and great rental potential, including Emerald Lakes and Mount Pocono. Summer tourism is big in the Poconos, so you can make a lot of money using short-term rental platforms during that time.’ The Poconos are beautiful year-round, too, and fall and even winter tourism is highly rewarding in the region. Gorgeous scenery, affordable prices, and and an easy drive from Philadelphia? We’re here for it.