This pairing is, however, having a moment in the form of bed linen – and interior designers can’t get enough of its vintage aesthetic – in the most intimate room of your home.  This bedroom idea may seem like a bold move, but the experts remeasure that this color combination is a surprisingly versatile print that will elevate every style of interior. And as the blue and white stripe has already stood the test of time, you can rest assured that this interior design trend isn’t going to fall out of favor soon.  

‘Blue and white stripes will forever be a trend – as a color combination for rooms, most people will never tire of it,’ says Jo James, the co-founder and creative director at Bedfolk. The movement is right on time for the warmer seasons ahead; as Jo suggests, this ‘classic favorite’ is synonymous with spring and summer, though it will endure throughout the cooler months too.  And Jo is not exclusive in her admiration for the stripe, especially throughout S/S 22. The White Company’s Chief Creative Officer, Mark Winstanley, emphasizes her beliefs, adding that the ‘blue-and-white-stripe design looks fresh and heralds the summer with its slightly nautical feel.’ This could be the nautical decorating idea you’ve been looking for. 

How to style this timeless classic in a modern home

It is hard to deny that the blue and white stripe has the ability to endure through the decades, but there is no harm in bringing this print more firmly into the contemporary day.  Jo suggests opting for thicker, bolder stripes that will ensure this style looks indisputably modern. ‘Stronger stripes are having a renewed moment for 2022,’ she says. Bedfolk’s Linen in Stripe (opens in new tab) is a great option if you’re looking for a modern alternative. 

1. Pair with block colors 

‘When it comes to styling stripe, I recommend mixing it with color block pieces for a laid-back aesthetic,’ Jo adds. The bold stripe pairs effortlessly with other neutral colors, including Bedfolk’s Snow, Clay & Rose.

2. Start small – to flirt with the trend

If you want to play with this white and blue bedroom idea without the investment, that is possible too. ‘For a simple bedroom refresh this spring, you can simply add a pair of striped pillowcases (opens in new tab) onto your bed, giving it a fresh look,’ Jo says. 

3. Incorporate more white into your space 

If you’re experimenting with the blue and white stripe trend, then there’s a high chance you already like white. So, you will likely be pleased to follow Mark’s styling idea. The expert recommends styling your stripe with white for ‘extra versatility’ but adds that the print looks beautiful when left alone too.  ‘The Maris large-striped bed linen (opens in new tab) will add a relaxed beach aesthetic to your bedroom and is super-soft made in 200-thread-count cotton sateen,’ he says.  Will you succumb to the stripe this spring?