As normality slowly resumes, spatial planning and functional living experts Day True, take a look at how our homes and our approach to design will change.

  1. INVEST IN A MULTI-PURPOSE KITCHEN WITH ROOM TO HOST With home cooking and entertaining guests on the rise, homeowners will seek high-performance open-plan kitchens with design at the forefront. Layout and functionality will have to work more efficiently than ever before, to ensure hosts can cook and entertain seamlessly. Space will be key in order to maintain distance, with room needed to serve food and drink to guests. Breakfast bars, large dining tables and even portable solutions should be considered to ensure functional seating and serving solutions.
  2. PERFECT YOUR PANTRY A once essential part of Victorian homes, the pantry continues to be an extremely key element to kitchen living. With shopping habits moving to larger weekly shops and the decline of frequent trips, food storage and bulk buying will become an essential part of family life once again. For adults, a ‘grown-ups pantry’ otherwise known as a bar, is certain rise in popularity, as homeowners seek clearer kitchen spaces and entertainment elements for guests. See:An interior design shows us how to organise a pantry
  3. ENJOY CLEAN LIVING Hygiene will be of the utmost importance, so we expect to see the introduction of dedicated hand washing areas incorporated into homes. Fresh air and good ventilation will also be key, ensuring that natural light and access to outdoor space is maximised.
  4. SET UP A HOME OFFICE Home offices will likely be something that need to be incorporated into homes in the future. We expect to see an interest in integrated video calling technology that will allow home workers to interact with the office. Whether built into kitchen islands or added to an office room, digital technology and home office functionality is sure to play a big part in the modern home. See:Home office ideas that are smart, practical and stylish
  5. EVOKE A SPA-LIKE FEEL IN THE BATHROOM For a while, the bathroom has been a place to retreat to after a long and hectic day, however with self-care and health now even more at the forefront of the mind, we expect to see the home spa rise in importance. A place to de-stress from the concerns of everyday life, the main bathroom will transform into a home gym-come-spa, to fully maximise every square inch. From indulgent baths to spa showers, both options provide ways to relax with water.
  6. CREATE A CALMING BEDROOM At Day True, we have always felt that bedrooms should be as simple and uncluttered as possible to create a calming and comforting space. Large walk-in dressing rooms will become less of a priority as we buy fewer clothes, and we expect to see a balance between space, light, texture and natural materials that brings a sense of calm, rather than bold colour trends dominating the bedroom space See:Farrow & Ball share their inspiring tips to create a calming bedroom Ultimately, good design, spatial planning and superior functionality will ensure we get the most out of our homes post pandemic. Design should be timeless with added personal touches that reflect who we are, who we love and where we have been and ultimately should ensure that a safe, healthy environment is provided.