Clea and Joanna have a host of celebrity-approved storage ideas under their belt, but none are quite so simple (and effective) as their one kitchen must-have. So, if you’re going to invest in one kitchen storage idea, let it be this. In an exclusive discussion with H&G, Clea and Joanna revealed what you need to know.  

Clea and Joanna’s kitchen must-have

If Clea and Joanna were to invest in only one piece of storage for their fridge, it would be clear stacking containers ‘hands down’. But with a trove of clear container sizes to navigate, which size do the pair recommend?  ‘The best thing to do, honestly, is to take measurements in your own fridge and make sure that you buy the right size, they say. ‘What you don’t want is to come home, and it’s one inch too big, and then the door won’t shut.’ So, the right size is the one that fits most effortlessly in your fridge. If you make the measurements ahead of time, your kitchen ideas will feel notably more seamless. ‘Take all the measurements – you want the height, the width, and the length,’ they add. 

Which clear container is best for maximizing fridge storage?

While all clear containers have Clea and Joanna’s approval, the pair explain a drawer unit is their personal favorite.  ‘I think a drawer makes a lot of sense in a fridge. You can stack bins on top of the drawer – and then the drawer unit acts below as its own storage container, so you don’t have to unstack the top,’ they say.  The Home Edit stars also recommend investing in matching food storage – to maximize your fridge with healthy options ‘like hard-boiled eggs, and fresh veggies you can throw into anything.’ ‘It’ll all look nice; it’ll all look beautiful,’ they add.  For more healthy food storage options, Clea and Joanna have partnered with Eggland’s Best to create the EB Better Family Fridge Makeover Sweepstakes (opens in new tab).  Clea and Joanna love Eggland’s Best eggs for their superior nutrition compared to ordinary eggs, meaning their collaboration is a natural step for the pair. More information is available via Eggland’s Best website.