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Evoking purity and cleanliness alongside confidence and sophistication, white is a wonderfully versatile colour for interiors. And it is no surprise that it remains one of the most popular paint colours in the interior design world. ‘Creamy-toned whites and neutrals such as Dover Cliffs, White Mulberry and Oyster are among Fired Earth’s bestselling paints – and have been for several years – thanks to their warmth and versatility. These shades have a timeless, easy-to-live-with quality and work equally well in contemporary and more traditional interiors, explaining their enduring appeal,’ says Fired Earth’s Creative Director, Colin Roby-Welford.


Grey is still very much the neutral of the moment. Grey can give a calm and relaxed feel to the home, and is a fresh alternative to the classic neutral palette and acts as a great backdrop to introduce splashes of other colours. Colin isn’t surprised by the popularity of grey paint. ‘Paints which sit on the cusp of two colours – particularly blue and grey – are strong sellers too since they’re completely at home in a diverse range of palettes,’ he says. ‘The complexity of blue-grey-greens such as Fired Earth’s bestselling Storm, Smoke Blue and Tempest ensures that there’s endless scope for creativity. Colours such as these can be layered with bold but complementary shades of blue, purple and grey (Carbon Blue, Amethyst and Mercury are popular choices) to create dark and dramatic schemes, or they can be teamed with crisp, architectural whites such as Bone White (Fired Earth’s top-selling paint) and Silica White for a fresh and airy look that’s perfect for kitchens and bathrooms.’ See ourPaint trends 2020 – the colours you need for the ultimate wonder walls


Once the preserve of girls’ bedrooms and boudoir looks, pink is now the colours du jour for any room. ‘Calm, restful colours continue to be very much in demand. Slightly dusky, vintage pinks such as Rose Mallow and Orchard Pink sell really well,’ muses Colin. ‘There’s a sense of nostalgia about these shades which makes them a joy to live with and they’re perfect for creating welcoming, flattering and relaxing interiors.’


Have you always lusted afteryellow room ideas, but haven’t had the courage to decorate in this sunny palette? Warm colours are having something of a revival, so perhaps now is the time to decorate ‘sunny side up’. ‘While whites and neutrals account for most of Fired Earth’s bestselling paints, there’s a noticeable trend towards being more experimental with colour even if it’s a case of introducing just an element of of bold colour into an otherwise subtle palette,’ says Colin. ‘Goldfinch – a rich yellow – is one of the boldest shades among Fired Earth’s bestsellers. It’s ideal for adding a splash of sunny and uplifting colour to any interior and has been steadily becoming one of Fired Earth’s most popular paints.’ See ourColour trends 2020 – the latest key trends you will see this year Fired Earth’s matt emulsion costs £42 for 2.5 litres. Fired Earth, (opens in new tab)