See our news section to discover the latest interiors events and product launches The new Papillon range – which includes several news pieces including dining tables, occasional tables, a screen and a drinks trolley – encapsulates the California aesthetic, and was inspired by Tom’s trip to the Joshua Tree National Park back in 2016. Tom says: ‘It was the shapes created by the lines between the enormous boulders at Joshua Tree that see them being replicated in furniture in some way.They were the basis for the Boulder console last year, and this year it is transformed into the whole Papillon range – like a caterpillar turning into a butterfly.’ ThePapilloncollection is available in several different colourways, each named, fittingly, after butterflies. Every piece is multi-coloured, and the colours themselves are all exquisitely gradated - just like ombré - fading seamlessly in and out of each other.Papillonis made from water cut steel and/or aluminium and it is also available in both standard and specialist finishes with standard glass. ‘I spent time in Los Angeles earlier this year and was bowled over by the light and the colours of the city,’ continues Tom. ‘From the exotic desert flora to the magical sunsets, the colours can fire the imagination and lift the spirits. Exposure to such mood-enhancing environmentmay explain the colourful direction of this collection. Just for fun we have added dichroic glass into the tables, which is iridescent, and twinkles and changes colour with the light, just like LA.’ ThePapillonscreen (top) is the centrepiece of the collection, where the butterfly theme plays strong; the organic lines appearing like the veined wings of a butterfly. All the pieces are stunning and would make a true style statement in any home, bringing the joy of top-quality design to your interior for years to come. For more information visit