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Between June 5th- 13th, the Philadelphia Flower Show (opens in new tab) will take over Franklin Delano Roosevelt Park in the south of the historic city- meaning the festival will take place outside, for the very first time. Looking beyond the health and safety benefits, however, there remains an abundance of advantages to moving the event outdoors.  The move to this verdant location gives celebrants a vast amount of room to bring their creative expressions to life, so we can expect to see even more extravagant horticultural displays than previous years.  The relocation also means the festival will occur in early June, rather than late winter, as the Pennsylvania Horticultural Society is working with event experts and city officials to create an environment that is safe but still taking place in a pleasant climate.  Further to these precautions, visitors will be given specific time slots to limit attendance at any given time, which allows officials to control social distancing.  As June marks the peak of the growing season, these dates offer a multitude of opportunities for flower-lovers to wander around a garden of inspiration and start growing and arranging as soon as they arrive home.  Sam Lemheney, Chief of Shows & Events, further emphasized the benefits of the biggest move in Philadelphia Flower Show history, sharing: ‘We are thrilled to be able to celebrate the outdoors and offer joy and beauty after a year that has been marked by so many challenges. This experience is a wonderful example of the enduring and combined power of green space, plants, and gardeners to create impact and inspiration.’ The serene space, in the very heart of Philly, spans over 15 acres, making it the perfect canvas to showcase the most magnificent floral arrangements in the country. It also has extra space for new features, while continuing to include cherished elements of the beloved Philadelphia Flower Show.