Taking inspiration from the company’s rich archive, head of design Andy Guard has relaunched one of the first flatweave designs from late 1989 and reimagined classic designs in new colourways. There’s also a brand new design that takes elements from perennial favourites, and turns them into rugs, runners and full floor-coverings. See more: How to choose the right rug for your home - top 20 expert tips Embracing the past, the present and the future, unmistakeable signature stripes and distinguished colours lie at the heart of the Anniversary Collection: Charleston, a design from the very first collection, has been re-launched in two of the original colourways, alongside a third new contemporary shade; three classic designs from the past 30 years, Lennox, Ashby and Trent, have been re-imagined in modern, sophisticated colourways; and, finally, Ixworth, a brand-new contemporary design, has been conceived of re-interpreted elements from perennial design favourites.

Discover the Roger Oates Anniversary Collection below:


Standing as bold and brilliant today as it did 30 years ago, Charleston was one of the designs in the very first collection. Keeping two of the original colourways with only minor tonal adjustments, Turkey Red is a bright multicolour and Catkin a charming soft pastel. Fossil (above), a new striking, warm neutral is a contemporary addition. The design is woven in an updated, contemporary structure adding texture and interest.


From the 1994 collection, Lennox is a dynamic design featuring a complex herringbone and rib repeating stripe, now reimagined in modern, sophisticated colourways. Clover sings with soft greys and pinks, Shark (above) is a brown/green neutral and Steel is a contemporary union of navy and grey.


A brand-new design for the Roger Oates Anniversary Collection 2020, Ixworth draws on elements from earlier designs, embodying everything that inspired Andy from the archives. Evocative of folk-style, an intricate central chain-link pattern is edged with a simple rib border in heritage colours. Lamp Black is a warm monochrome and Ochre (above) a glowing rich yellow balanced with khaki brown tones. Which one’s your favourite? We’ll take one for each room. See more: Carpet trends 2020 - the stylish new looks for fabulous floors