Leading the way with the hues that will shape our fall/winter paint ideas is Crown (opens in new tab)– the color manufacturer who not only observes trends – but creates them. And as we look to the months ahead, the brand expects our palettes will primarily reflect the growing concern of climate change – as we become more aware of our buying choices. Upcycling, recycling, and repurposing will lead the way in all industries – from fashion and beauty to interior design trends – and our homes are ready to be redefined. 

Crown’s color palette for fall/winter 2022 

Crown’s three palette’s Altered, Conscious and Define differ in their aesthetic – but are all equally powerful in setting trends for the remainder of the year. Here’s what you need to know about each look. 

1. Altered

Altered is all about being expressive, unpredictable, and breaking the boundaries from the traditional order. The multicolored trend provokes playfulness in your interiors – drawing from the retro revival trend to fill your home with soft eclectic tones that know how to start a conversation.  The look combines the Avant-garde through playful artwork and by painting areas that are often unexpected. It encourages creativity through color and allows you to revive the 70s creatively. ‘Altered stands for unconventional, multicolor, and optimism,’ says Crown’s color expert Justyna Korczynska. ‘Soft, eclectic tones are good for our wellbeing and lift our mood. They combine beautifully with each other and are the perfect accompaniment for gallery walls. This color palette brings out your inner child,’ she says. 

2. Conscious 

As consumer buying habits continue to have a more considered approach, Conscious shines a light on the beauty that sustainable products and materials have to offer. The trend, which is the perfect dining room color idea (as seen above), aims to showcase anything that can be created from nature (instead of generating waste) is the key to the theme.  This organic and earthy color palette evokes a feeling of tranquility and radiates stability. This aesthetic can be introduced subtly with creams, light browns, and grays. Meanwhile, for a punchier look, you can bring in deep and rich burgundy and purple tones. ‘This collection of natural colors is perfect with stripped back wood and patterned textiles to create spaces that make you relax,’; Justyna says. ‘Simple yet sophisticated, these colors offer a way to interact with the materiality of individual components within the interior.’

3. Define

Thirdly, as we reinvent our homes to accommodate multi-generational living, Define aims to take charge and adapt to our ever-changing living spaces.  It is a rich and warm color palette – boasting sophisticated deep tones that transform spaces into ambient hideouts. The collection draws from boutique hotels, moody restaurant interiors, and historical theaters to blur the lines between the night and day – perfect for the shorter nights ahead. ‘This color palette is beautifully warm and with a touch of retro,’ the expert adds. ‘All colors can be combined with one another. This way, exciting light-dark color effects can be achieved.’