In the process of designing a kitchen, it is tempting to let the ‘finishes’ come naturally. After all, these things are usually the last things to consider –  and tend to fall into place effortlessly. However, the Toronto-based designer explains that your finishes are among the most impactful things to consider. And their power extends beyond their good looks.  ‘I’ve had lots of questions about the finishes in my home,’ Hilary says on Instagram – before sharing information about her kitchen. ‘I wanted elegance, durability, and Sustainability. The pattern is Statuaria quartz by Silestone® (opens in new tab). It’s manufactured using a sustainable manufacturing process that uses 99% reused water, 100% renewable electric energy, zero water waste, and a minimum of 20% recycled raw materials,’ Hilary says.  A photo posted by on There is no denying that this material knows how to start a conversation, but it is more than aesthetic. This Statuaria quartz is a sustainable kitchen idea that is designed for life. The versatile surface has a high resistance to scratches and impacts – meaning its glistening finish will continue to impress for as long as it sits in your kitchen. ‘It can be done – a commitment to beauty and our earth,’ Hilary says.  Beyond her kitchen (on the same photo carousel), the designer documents more ‘finishes’ around her home – exhibited through the books, candlesticks, and a vase atop the wooden dresser in her dining room.  ‘The Heartbeat of my home is The Dining Room. Friends and Family enjoying fabulous food, great conversation, and loads of laughter and love gathered around my beautiful table by David, owner of Life Happens at the Table (opens in new tab),’ Hilary adds.  A photo posted by on Just as sustainability plays into her kitchen design, the TV host suggests that it feeds into her dining room ideas, too. ‘When I fell in love with this table, made of reclaimed wood, I knew it would be the anchor for everything else in the room,’ she says.  Whether you invest in life-long countertops or style your spaces with recycled or renovated goods, there is an abundance of eco-friendly tips to replicate from Hilary Farr’s home.