During lockdown, growing your own fruit and and vegetables and greenhouses have become a big trend for our own gardens, so what better way to get inspiration - and brilliant photo opportunities – than to see the most Instagrammable greenhouses and conservatories from around the world? See: The six tools every gardener should have in their potting shed


Handily, Uswitch (opens in new tab) has rounded up the most impressive green houses for brilliant photo opportunities and brilliant days out when we’re travel-confident again.

  1. THE EDEN PROJECT, CORNWALL, ENGLAND Number of Instagram hashtags: #189,643 The space-like structure consists of different biomes and hosts the largest indoor rainforest in the world. Opening to the public in 2000 it went on to be featured in the James Bond film, Die Another Day and has hosted a series of musical performances since. Cornwall boasts stunning stretches of sand and amazing eateries, but this is a must-visit.
  2. PHIPPS CONSERVATORY, PITTSBURGH, USA Number of Instagram hashtags: #47,257 The Phipps Conservatory was founded in 1893 and is on the National Register of Historic Places. It’s considered an interesting example of Victorian greenhouse architecture. As one of the ‘greenest’ facilities in the world it produces all of its own energy making it entirely self-sufficient.
  3. CONSERVATORY OF FLOWERS, SAN FRANCISCO, USA Number of Instagram hashtags: #38,687 Completed in 1879, it’s one of the first municipal conservatories constructed in the United States and is the oldest remaining municipal wooden conservatory in the country. It still stands tall having survived a fire, an earthquake, and neglect during the depression era. See: Sustainable small garden ideas (opens in new tab)
  4. GARFIELD PARK CONSERVATORY, CHICAGO, USA Number of Instagram hashtags: #37,118 Constructed between 1906 and 1907, it’s often referred to as ’landscape under the glass’ it is one of the largest greenhouse conservatories in the US. However, in 2011 it suffered catastrophic damage after a night of heavy hail, but was rapidly repaired and opened fully again within a year.
  5. FRANKLIN PARK CONSERVATORY, COLUMBUS, USA Number of Instagram hashtags: #28,359 Built in 1895 and added to the National Register of Historic Places in 1974, the Franklin Park Conservatory is a horticultural and educational institution. Interestingly, for a short period, animals were kept in the conservatory in the 1920’s, but as of late it has taken to displaying artwork and sculptures.
  6. FLOWER DOME, SINGAPORE Number of Instagram hashtags: #25,042 The Flower Dome is the largest greenhouse in the world entering the Guinness Book of Records in 2015. Part of the Gardens by the Bay nature park in Singapore it replicates a cool-dry mediterranean climate. For being a relatively new construct, it’s made its mark as an iconic tourist attraction. See: Garden trends 2020 - The latest garden design ideas
  7. AMAZON SPHERES, SEATTLE, USA Number of Instagram hashtags: #21,069
  8. MUTTART CONSERVATORY, EDMONTON, CANADA Number of Instagram hashtags: #19,766 Established in 1976, it consists of four glass pyramids each hosting different climates. It’s currently closed for rehabilitation work until 2021 but it’s one of the best-known landmarks of Edmonton. See: The best vegetables in to grow in a greenhouse
  9. BARBICAN CONSERVATORY, LONDON, ENGLAND Number of Instagram hashtags: #13,825 The second largest conservatory in London is located in the heart of the City of London and features 2000 species of plants and trees, as well as terrapins and koi carp. Currently it’s only open to the public on Sunday afternoons and some bank holidays.
  10. LINCOLN PARK CONSERVATORY, CHICAGO, USA Number of Instagram hashtags: #13,129 Lincoln Park Conservatory is a Victorian Era glass house, built in the late nineteenth century. It contains four rooms displaying exotic plants from around the world. Rare orchids, like the Moth orchid, can be found in the Orchid room. See: 5 things to consider before investing in a greenhouse