The star of HGTV’s Home Again With The Fords and Ford Family Classics is synonymous with her signature ‘white on white’ aesthetic – so it is only fitting that she recommends bringing this tone into an entryway too.  So, if you’re looking for a failsafe color idea that is Leanne Ford-approved, then this is where to start, both with color, and styling it. 

Why you should bring white into your entryway – according to Leanne Ford  

Sharing her hallway paint ideas exclusively with H&G, Leanne Ford (opens in new tab) revealed that white always works in every type of entryway. ‘It feels so heavenly to walk into a light box. Everything and everyone looks good,’ she says.  Investing a new white paint will almost certainly elevate your space, but how does Leanne recommend styling this color in a home to make an entryway more inviting? Her secret for using white in an entryway remains the same as every other room in the house.  ‘I love mixing wood tones for a warmth and natural feeling in your space,’ she shares. ‘I almost always create white or creamy warm white rooms for these mixed tones to live in so the wood doesn’t get too heavy.’ If you’re working with a dark-painted entryway, you can still mimic the designer’s warm and natural style by choosing white and cream furniture ‘to lighten and brighten the space up.’ The best palace to start? Leanne Ford’s Crate & Barrel Collection (that is now available online (opens in new tab)).  The designer created all pieces in the collection to combine form and function – meaning they are great for the practical needs of an entryway, and every other room, without sacrificing style.  ‘The biggest thing I encourage people to think about is that beauty and function can coexist,’ Leanne revealed to us when discussing her collection.  ‘People can often make the mistake of focusing on just individual items themselves, instead of how the item might live within a space and alongside other pieces in a functional, cohesive way. I always say if the piece is not beautiful and useful then it’s not going in my home.’ 

Which white paint color does Leanne Ford use?

As viewers of her shows will know, Leanne Ford tends to use Behr’s Ultra Pure White in her clients’ interiors. However, her Echo Park cabin is painted a creamier off-white, Sherwin-Williams’ Shoji White. Which to use? Behr’s white is a bright white, while Sherwi-Williams’ is a touch warmer. We’d advise using a creamier color if you would like to create a cozy appeal or if you are decorating a room that receives cool light, such as north- or east-facing rooms. Bright white is perfect for every other room, especially entryways.