If you’re strategic with your paint ideas, you can turn a narrow entryway into one of the impactful rooms of your home – and this color combination is right on-trend. In discussion with H&G, Ruth revealed what you need to know.  

The best color combination for a narrow entryway  

Choosing a lighter shade such as  Shallows (opens in new tab), a cool grey, will make the space feel instantly brighter,’ Ruth says. However, you shouldn’t stop at the fashionable grey hue. While this versatile color with other neutrals, the Creative Director recommends going bold with brighter pops of color to accentuate the size of a compact space.  Ruth looks primarily towards dark blue, specifically the rich cobalt Smalt (opens in new tab), which is a powerful color for the door frames. But Ruth’s love for dark blue (the color at the top of current interior design trends) doesn’t end there. She also recommends painting the floor in Air Force Blue (opens in new tab) – ‘a deep shade of blue that when applied as floor paint seems to draw the eye and extend the space.’  This is ideal for narrow hallways as the space appears instantly elongated – without a huge renovation. ‘Hallways are often the very last area we think about, but this is the first space you and any guests see,’ Ruth adds. ‘It’s important that [it] welcoming and reflects the character of your home; the hallway really does set the tone for the rest of your interior.’ Gray and dark blue is the size-enhancing color combination that will elevate your entryway to the next level. But if you’re less concerned about the size – and more concerned about making a statement – Ruth has a solution for that too. And it pays homage to another color movement, naturally.  ‘The ‘color drenching’ trend can be adopted in hallways too,’ Ruth says. ‘This contemporary, cohesive approach delivers an impactful finish by painting woodwork, radiators, ceiling, and doors the same color as the walls.’ The result? A perfect statement that will leave your guests talking all the way home.  Whether you opt for size or statement, there is an entryway idea for everyone.