This tile trend may be making a first impression for all the wrong reasons, property experts have revealed. 

Do patterned tiles devalue your house? 

While we’re not suggesting that you re-evaluate your kitchen tile ideas for good, it’s worth noting the effect that patterned tiles may have when moving your house from the market. Here’s what you need to know.

1. Patterned tiles are expensive to maintain

‘One of the major trends in the last few years is the utilization of patterned tiles. Brightly colored and good designed patterns bring an aesthetic lookout to the interior. But the problem is it’s too costly to replace,’ explains Ben Fisher, a Luxury Real Estate Specialist, The Fisher Group (opens in new tab).  According to Ben, the high cost of tiles deters buyers from buying a property, as many investors are not interested in their design. ‘This cost of replacement issue devalues the home ultimately,’ he says. 

2. Bold patterns are not for everybody

Liz Hogan, the VP of Luxury Sales at Compass (opens in new tab), similarly urges homeowners to avoid experimenting with styles that are ’too trendy, over the top or personalized,’ as they can limit’ buyers who don’t share the same sense of style.’ Ben suggests that this may be the case with pattened tiles. ‘Except for the millennials of the current generation, no buyers are really interested in this trendy, stylish design,’ he says.  

3. Some patterns may look dated

Alongside their dividing aesthetic and high maintenance costs, designer Liz Walton (opens in new tab) adds that patterned bathroom tiles may ‘instantly date a home’, and their bold colors may not stand the test of time. ‘The same goes for inset tiles on floors,’ Liz adds. 

Should you still play with pattern?

Despite its cons in the real estate industry, we confess that the patterned tile trend is hard to ignore in the design world. If you still (understandably) want to enjoy their aesthetic but might consider moving home in the next few years, then we suggest choosing subtler patterns or neutral hues that are likely to remain in style for longer. Many kitchen, entryway, and bathroom tile ideas will allow you to experiment with this escapist feature without harming your property’s chances on the market. Because sometimes, the most beautiful design features are the most talked about.