According to top curtain designers, you can accentuate the size of your small space with one deceptive trick – and the results are ‘completely transformative.’ But what exactly does this curtain idea involve? Here, designer Gemma Moulton reveals what you need to know. 

How to create the illusion of space with your curtains

‘Window treatment ideas are a particularly easy way to add height and stature to a room when placed correctly. Although fitting into the wall above (rather than the window frame) will inevitably be more difficult, the results are completely transformative,’ says Gemma.  The East London Cloth designer, who has just launched her first online curtain-making course with Create Academy (opens in new tab), explains that a curtain (or blind) will add the illusion of height to the window – but that’s not all. The trick will also ‘allow more light in when pulled,’ meaning your room will appear brighter – and consequently more spacious.  Interior designer Louise Bradley (opens in new tab) similarly urges you to seemingly increase the scale of the window (and the size of your room) by thinking about your curtain pole placement.  ‘The pole should be slightly longer than the window itself, ensuring space for a generous stack back of the tailored fabric,’ Louise says. This interior design tip not only accentuates the space but also exhibits a ‘luxurious feel within the room’ and ‘softens the space’ to create a bespoke aesthetic.  However, the designer warns that while this window treatment idea works seamlessly in some rooms, it is less suitable in other spaces.  ‘We would always position the pole to scale with the window; however, the higher it is placed, the more it would extend the window,’ Louise says. Therefore, if you are not looking to extend your window, it is best to avoid practicing this secret in certain rooms.  We’re re-evaluating our curtain placement at the next available opportunity.