According to those in the know, porticos can add 6% or more to your property –meaning it is one of the best ways to add value to a home.  ‘Adding a portico can increase your home value by 6% and more. It increases your home’s curb appeal and makes your home stand out from other conventional homes,’ says Vicky Noufal, the owner of the Platinum Group Real Estate (opens in new tab) team at Pearson Smith Realty. ‘Eventually, it increases the possibility of a successful home sale.’  

Why does a portico add value to your home?  

What makes a Portico so attractive to buyers? Here, real estate agents explain what you need to know. 

Functional Value 

The appeal behind a portico comes down to multiple factors. Ron Wysocarski (opens in new tab), a Florida-based real estate broker, explains that, besides its beauty, it offers a great way of sheltering from the elements.  ‘A portico creates obstacles for entering unwanted elements in your entryway. Thus, it will prevent you from cleaning your entryway repeatedly. So, in the long run, it adds value to your home,’ he explains. Alongside unfavorable elements, the expert explains that porticos can also minimize the number of UV rays – to add a ‘different dimension’ to your home’s entryway ideas.  Park City real estate agent Ben Fisher (opens in new tab) adds that a portico allows you to enjoy a front entry that is ‘dry after rain and has lights at night’ – both of which are attractive to potential buyers. 

Aesthetic value 

‘Curb appeal is never limited to aesthetics,’ Ben says. ‘The better a home looks, the higher value you can ask for it. Adding an extra layer of elegance to your home and making the home stand out from the traditional ones, a portico can help you with that.’ This timeless front door idea will both increase the value of your home and, as Ben adds, it may even reduce its time on the market. Will you make the investment?