Sharing their sought-after bedroom ideas with H&G, Adriana Milea, Executive Housekeeper at The Ritz London, shared what makes the room’s so therapeutic. Amongst her secrets is their homemade sleep spray that will send you to a perfect slumber, the Ritz way. 

The Ritz’s house-made sleep spray 

‘Sleep is such an important part of our guests’ experience and for ensuring the optimum comfort and the best sleep is achieved,’ Adriana says. While finding the best mattress is an important part of the environment, the housekeeper explains that the Ritz’s house-made sleep spray is an essential part of the routine.  ‘We mist the sheets in the evening with a house-made spray made with lavender essential oils and distilled water, which has a calming effect to enhance sleep,’ she says. This luxury bedroom idea fills the room with an aromatic scent that pushes guests into a peaceful night’s rest.  This simple blend of lavender and water has graced the sheets of some of the most affluent names in previous decades, and, unsurprisingly, sleep experts agree with The Ritz’s technique.  According to Jessica Hanley, the founder of luxury comfort brand Piglet in Bed (opens in new tab), a calming sleep spray with notes of lavender (and chamomile) will prepare your mind for sleep – especially if you make the spritz a part of your regular routine.  ‘Spritz liberally around the room and onto your bed linen before you jump in – linen sprays are also a great way to freshen up your sheets on days they haven’t been washed,’ Jessica says.  Karen Innes, the NPD Manager at Slumberdown (opens in new tab), adds that choosing scents that promote relaxation will ‘encourage better sleep in a super simple way.’ The expert adds that the use of essential oils for better sleep has been in practice for centuries – but we expect this Ritz-approved technique to endure for years to come.  We’re Putting on The Ritz (spray) tonight.