The family-owned fabric house has revealed their new collection stems entirely from natural materials – constructed from a combination of co-viscose and an eco-polyamide made from extracts of castor beans. Yes, really. These ornate fabrics started life as a bean, and needless to say, we’re very excited about their elevation from a humble plant. Who knew such beauty could come from such simple things? Rubelli’s collection is rewriting interior design trends worldwide, as their five eco-fabrics share the same prestige as fabrics made from man-fibers – from their luxe texture to their unrivaled quality. The only difference is that these fabrics are sustainable, meaning you can dress your home without impacting the planet.   Studio head, Alberto Pezzato, lets us in on Rubelli’s sustainable secrets – and the meaning behind each of the five diverse designs.  According to Alberto, the launch of a sustainable collection was a natural step for the brand, which recognise the importance of living and buying ethically. ‘[In] the Rubelli 2022 collection, there will be other sustainable fabrics; this is the only beginning for us,’ he adds.  Alberto also praises the fiber, which took one year to produce, for its versatility, and notes how Rubelli was able to produce the fabric in ‘both contemporary and classical patterns.’  These patterns include Lollipop, a ‘lampas with a dynamic design’ that pays homage to the 1950s, and the contrasting Martinique that reflects the alluring aesthetic of sheer eighteenth-century lace. Meanwhile, Cuba Libre showcases a cubist diamond print; Java is reminiscent of Japanese lacquer, and Vibrations is designed to mirror the brushstrokes of a painting. It’s time to curate your modern living room ideas to include one (or more) of these statement prints. In fact, if you’re looking at how to mix patterns in a room, then our guide is an expert place to start.   Rubelli (opens in new tab)’s eco-collection has made positive waves in the push for an environmentally friendly home – and is one step closer to an entirely sustainable fabrics collection. The future comes in the shape of a castor bean; you heard it here first.