If you’re looking for how to sleep better, the solution could be as simple as removing this indoor plant from your space to improve your bedroom Feng Shui.

Why your cactus may be stopping you from sleeping

The reason why your cactus is so impactful in your bedroom stems from Feng Shui. This ancient Chinese practice encourages you to think about the objects you have in a room, how it relates to the overall space, and how they attract positive energy into your life. However, some objects have the opposite effect – this is the case with cacti. ‘Due to the sharp, defensive spikes of a cactus, it is not advised to have one in your sleeping area as it is believed that they can transmit bad energy into the surrounding space,’ explains Mattress Online’s (opens in new tab) Sleep Expert Steve Adams.  The expert explains that the cactus’ thorns are thought to ‘encourage feelings of anxiety and stress’ that cause us to feel irritable. Therefore, it should remain away from the space where you are supposed to feel most rested.  Sealy’s Sleep Expert Alison Jones shares these bedroom ideas – adding that cacti have no place in such a restful and quiet space. She adds that they will introduce too much ‘Yang energy’ into your bedroom – which in turn can interrupt sleep. 

What should you use instead of cacti? 

Alison warns that living organisms like plants may be best outside the bedroom because of their powerful energy. However, there are some options that allow plant enthusiasts to fill their room with greenery without harming your sleeping pattern. Steve adds that some air cleaning indoor plants may even improve your sleep as they ‘improve the relaxing energy and oxygen flow of the bedroom to encourage higher sleep quality.’ These can include Spider Plants and Peace Lilies. So, the secret to a perfect slumber goes beyond finding the best mattress for your needs. It may be as simple as moving your cacti away from your bedroom and into another space where you can enjoy its style without it impacting your wellbeing.