The director and producer, who is celebrated for his gothic fantasy films, including Beetlejuice, Edward Scissorhands, and Sleepy Hollow, rented the property for several years from 2016. He also used part of the home as a creative studio where he finished Dumbo for Disney in 2019.   See: World’s best homes – explore the most spectacular houses across the globe The stylish architect-designed structure boasts 13,000 square feet of luxe living, working, and leisure space amid the prestigious Regent’s Park area of London. The property was curated to mirror Pierre Chareau’s iconic Maison de Verre (meaning House of Glass) in Paris.  Eglon House captures Maison de Verre’s bold early 19th Century design through its harsh glass blocks and steel features that create a juxtaposition through its raw industrial elements and elegant features. Despite the relationship between the two properties, Eglon House was notably constructed by English craftsman – remnants of which are visible through its main staircase that is made from pitch-pine and grout mixed with Portland stone. See: Living room ideas – clever ways to decorate living spaces Before the home’s construction, the site served as stables and barns, which were utilized to manufacture shell casings throughout World War I. Decades later, in the ’70s, the estate was transformed into globally-recognized Mayfair Recording Studios, where music icons including David Bowie Oasis, The Smiths, Tina Turner, and Pink Floyd recorded hit records.  Today, the five-bedroom home consists of two adjoining buildings that are opposite from one another in a private central garden courtyard but are joined together at the lower ground floor level. The east wing of this unique home is complete with a double-height salon that is inspired by the grand hall at Eltham Palace.  The top gallery area contains the main living spaces, including a large kitchen, breakfast room, and dining room. Meanwhile, the lower levels include a range of amenities, including a luxury swimming pool that doubles as a cinema room, a gym, and a purpose-built cocktail bar. The first floor of the east wing is also home to the master bedroom suite, which spans over 2,000 square feet.  See: Bathroom ideas – stylish decor ideas for washrooms, ensuites and more Across the courtyard, the nostalgic west wing oozes with a sophisticated Art Deco ambiance, with its ground floor that includes a double-height living room, kitchen area, and a therapeutic courtyard. Upper floors are complete with an office and three more bedrooms, one of which includes a stylish walk-in closet.  See: Obama house – tour Barack and Michelle’s new Martha’s Vineyard home  The property is currently listed with Aston Chase (opens in new tab), who labels the space as a ‘rarity in Prime Central London.’ Russell Sage, Founder & Executive Creative Director at Russell Sage Studio (opens in new tab), who designed the home described the experience as a ‘positive experience.’  Russell shares: ‘Working on Eglon House with such a collaborative team of designers and highly skilled makers was a positive experience. Having the chance to use fabrics designed by Henry Moore and re-execute some of Pierre Chareau’s furniture was an excellent, rare opportunity. I love the house because it finds the ideal balance and fluidity for living and working environments that weave in and out of one another effortlessly; so much more important in the world we now find ourselves.’ With such a diverse history, we can’t wait to see what the future holds for this iconic estate.