We talk to interior designer, Stefani Stein (opens in new tab) about the design project. ‘When designing, I start with the architecture, the client’s tastes, and how they want to feel in the space’, explains Stefani Stein. ‘I believe interior design should be customised and tailored to each client. Whether it is the client’s favourite colour, the mood they want to feel, a love of pattern – or even a disdain for pattern – each client is unique.’ As for my own inspiration, it tends to be less linear – patterns and details encountered during travels, a fashion collection, a work of art, a garden, a mood, or maybe even a song. There is a quote by the indelible Billy Baldwin that has always struck a chord for me. ‘Be faithful to your own taste, because nothing you really like is ever out of style.’ Working on this specific project was such a treat. The clients are the most lovely and kind people. Throughout the process they were always positive, and decisive – it doesn’t get much better than that! And, while all couples aren’t always on the same page aesthetically, their tastes aligned quite nicely. A developer had newly renovated the home just before my clients relocated from the Bay Area to Los Angeles, so it was essentially a blank slate. My challenge was imparting soul, adding depth, and creating an inviting atmosphere while working with the rather austere architectural foundation. Architecturally, everything was so new and crisp, the space was longing for a little imperfection. I designed a built-in bench, which, along with the adjacent wall, we finished using a Roman clay wall treatment. The texture of the hand-troweled material added such depth to the space. By wiring for a sconce during the mini-renovation, we also created a lovely little reading nook. LIVING ROOM For me, the colour scheme correlates to the mood of the space. Engaging with the client on how they will live in their home and how they want to feel in the space drives colour decisions. When the project isn’t renovation intensive or a new build, my design process always begins with textiles. Honing in on a grouping of core fabrics, and corresponding accent textures, colours, and patterns is where I begin the design narrative. See:Design house: A marvellous monochrome home in San Francisco, designed by Amy Weaver See:Design house: Modern home overlooking the San Francisco Bay, designed by Nest Design Co. HALLWAY AND LIVING AREA DINING AREA Photography/ Jenna Peffley Interior design/ Stefani Stein (opens in new tab)