‘A lot of attention had been put into getting every feature of the house right and this really sold it to our clients,’ recounts Taline Findlater of Olivine Design, who together with her co-founder Victoria Gray was enlisted to bring that same level of detail to the interiors.  ‘We like to create layered spaces that combine color, pattern and texture, and these rooms, which were previously all white, seemed to be crying out for this approach,’ she observes.  Plans for the schemes commenced in March 2020, just days before the UK entered its first lockdown. ‘The family’s move-in date of July was already rather tight and of course this added another layer of complexity, as we suddenly had delays for items such as tiles and bath tubs,’ Victoria recalls, adding, ‘fortunately, we worked with an incredible team of builders and tradespeople who were able to step up to the challenge.’

Drawing room

The clients, who have four teenage children as well as dogs and livestock, already possessed a number of antiques and also a much cherished collection of art.  ‘They are rightfully proud of their paintings and these helped inform the schemes,’ notes Taline. In the drawing room, for example, warm stone colored walls offset an old oil painting and a contemporary work whose vibrant yellow tones have been picked up in a pair of armchairs. ‘We love the tension you get by mixing old and contemporary artworks and we have done the same with the decorative choices,’ says Taline, pointing out a stool upholstered in a neat geometric print, which sits on top of a vintage kilim.   All the different accent patterns work because there is a common blue and red theme.

Living room

Rich blues and rust colors are living room ideas that offset the light that streams through the tall windows. Much as they are one of the most appealing features of the house, the tall windows presented challenges. ‘We had to be really smart with the layouts as you couldn’t have furniture up against the walls; we also needed to be mindful of budget when choosing curtain fabrics, as the living room windows alone required 72 meters of fabric,’ points out Taline.  The solution was to use modestly priced fabrics, complementing them with, say, a pretty braid on the leading edge and bottom of the curtains, or – in the case of the dining room – simple ruched pelmets.   All four children gave their input into the design of their new home and this is witnessed not only in their bedrooms but also in sociable spaces such as the living room, where a robust coffee table/ottoman that they could put their feet on was high on their list of priorities.


For anyone looking for a masterclass in painted kitchen ideas, this is it. Both owners and designers were mindful not to waste perfectly good fittings, so they came up with a plan to keep the existing kitchen cabinetry, enlisting a local joiner to build matching tall cupboards and extend the island unit to create a convivial seating area complete with bar stools.  The black granite countertops were replaced with pale quartz and fussy handles were swapped for simple black iron versions.  ‘We cleaned up the stone floor by sandblasting it, and painted the joinery a fresh pale green – it now looks like an entirely new room,’ says Victoria.  The delicate green paint and pale countertops have helped transform the existing kitchen. 

Main bedroom

Beautiful bedroom ideas abound: the designers’ skilful decorative layering is witnessed in this judicious mix of color and pattern, which includes a block-printed wallpaper, an antique Indian silk throw and a fabulous floral print on the upholstered bench. 

Main bathroom

Tiles in the alcove above the vanity unit and the wing chair’s geometric print introduce decorative touches.

Dressing area

The walls and existing joinery were painted green to introduce a punch of color.


Striking vinyl flooring lends a graphic element to the bathroom ideas in this room beneath the eaves. To enhance the sense of space, the walls, ceiling and bath were all painted the same plaster pink hue.  ‘The owners tell us that this has definitely become the family home that they wanted it to be,’ says Taline, adding, ‘It’s a colorful yet calm backdrop to their busy lives.’   Interior designer/ Olivine Design (opens in new tab) Photography/ Simon Brown Text/ Rachel Leedham