See: Interior design trends – top looks for the year ahead But what do we need to know before making the switch? We spoke to the people at the top of the tile industry to find out. 

Damla Turgut, Founder, Otto Tiles & Design (opens in new tab), has this to say about the growing trend for triangular tiles. ‘Geometric, triangular patterned tiles are enduringly popular adding visual impact to an interior space,’ Damla shares.  ‘The great thing about this angular tile trend is that you can play around and be creative with the tile arrangement and pattern composition to create a structured pattern or a more random abstract geometric design for a dynamic tile installation – an excellent option for those who want to add their own personal twist to their tile style.’

How to use triangular tiles in your contemporary home

Triangular tiles can create striking, modern looks in your rooms – these expert tips will help you use them to best effect.

1. Trust the magic of monochrome for a traditional feel

‘Introducing geometric shapes such as triangles to a design scheme adds a bold statement,’ shares Louisa Morgan, Creative Director at Mandarin Stone (opens in new tab). In her discussion of their new marble triangular tiles, Louisa encourages us to experiment with black and white tiles, whose timeless versatility allows them to work in any pattern and alongside any color scheme.   ‘You can lay triangles in numerous ways to create striking and sophisticated patterns; we love the classic simplicity of these black and white marble triangles, perfect for bathroom floors and walls as well as feature hallway tiles,’ Louisa adds. 

2. Contrast colors to create movement 

As Rob Whitaker, Creative Director at Claybrook Studio (opens in new tab), suggests, the many different tones of triangular tiles mean they create a ‘kaleidoscope of pattern and color’ when combined. He particularly recommends using red with a nude pink hue, such as his Kate Blush pink paint, to create a combination ‘for a modern feel.’  ‘Using a triangle shape enables a wall to look eye-catching even in a single shade. Walls with more visual movement result from using two or three shades together,’ Rob adds. 

3. Don’t shy away from neutral tones

See: Bathroom tile ideas - stylish looks that are both classic and timeless While bold hues are a talking point, the impact of the shape itself is enough to make an impression. Therefore, Damla reminds us to consider more ’neutral tonal tones,’ as they can make ‘just as much impact as bolder colors.’

4. Be playful with pattern

Perhaps a tile’s greatest asset is its durability – as designers can experiment with different patterns to create their desired effect. As Neisha Crosland (opens in new tab), the British-based pattern expert shares, a triangle is no exception.  Neisha urges us to make a move from the orthodox square tile format and experiment with triangular patterns to create the perfect shape for our space.  In her own experience, Neisha shares that ‘some patterns [end] up working better in some shapes than others,’ and we can ‘mold the pattern to fit into the shape,’ which is ‘fun,’ ‘interesting,’ and entirely possible through this bold trend. 

5. Play it safe with a triangular patterned tile 

See: Kitchen tile ideas – to inject personality into your space Despite its increasing popularity, the triangular tile trend is not initially for everybody. So, if you’re looking to enjoy the triangle’s benefits without committing fully, the experts suggest investing in more conventional square tiles that feature a triangular shape.  ‘A contrasting grout is another great way to add interest to your tile choice no matter what the shape or hue,’ Damla reminds us. Whether you decide on a softer alternative to the craze, or you experiment with bold and bright patterns, there is a way to make this trend work for every type of space.