‘I remember my grandparents always changing their curtains twice a year for heavier, thickly lined ones in the winter and similarly taking up woollen rugs and throws in the summer, as the weather warmed. ‘This does not have to be a costly exercise – in fact a few simple changes can lift your spirits, change your atmosphere and breathe new life into your environment. Think of your home as an extension of your wardrobe – we would swap heavy sweaters for light cotton and so forth so why not treat your home to some easy updates.’

Seasonal decorating – for fall and winter

Below, Tricia – one of the world’s leading experts in decorating – divulges her interior design tips around seasonal decorating, starting with fall decor ideas.

1. Add cozy texture with rugs and cushions

Fall is an important time to add comforting layering in your rooms – choosing a rug or two can help add to warmth underfoot. ‘It’s time to roll those rugs back into place, swap over your cushions (opens in new tab) and add some warm, velvety (opens in new tab) or wool (opens in new tab) textures to your sofas and living areas.’

2. Layer up your bed

Styling a bed for fall will rely on great layering, too.  ‘Add a cozy quilt (opens in new tab) to your bed or a soft woollen blanket (opens in new tab),’ suggests Tricia. ‘Now is the time for luxurious, rich towels (opens in new tab) to make your bathroom feel like a spa. In fact our spa towels (opens in new tab) are just the ticket.’

3. Create a homely feel with candles

The best candles can totally transform a room’s atmosphere – and no more so than in fall. ‘Scent your home with delicious fragrance – scented candles (opens in new tab) add another layer to your interior with scent but also twinkling lights feel celebratory and welcoming. A ritual as the nights draw in.’

Seasonal decorating – for spring and summer

Spring and summer seasonal decorating relies on choosing lighter weight fabrics to allow light and air into your rooms.

1. Swap heavy fabrics for lighter materials

‘Take up heavy woollen throws and blankets and swap them for lighter linen ones. ‘Do the same with your cushions – swap a few velvets or wools for a lighter linen or cotton – our Brera Lino (opens in new tab) cushions add a crisp freshness. ‘Roll up your rugs –now is the perfect time to get them cleaned and store them away for when the clocks go back in the autumn. ‘Introduce lighter weight towels (opens in new tab) in gorgeous colours – our Moselle (opens in new tab) waffles are a perfect lightweight summer towel.’

2. Bring the outdoors in

‘Bring the outside in – fill a vase (opens in new tab) with flowers or herbs from the garden and if possible scented ones –  again, it need not be a huge floral arrangement; just a few stems and flowers make a difference.’

3. Dress the garden to extend boundaries

‘Make the most of whatever outdoor space you have – an outdoor rug (opens in new tab) or cushion (opens in new tab) on even the smallest of balconies makes your outside space feel inviting and extends your space. ‘Paint (opens in new tab) a wall in your garden to reflect your interior – it’s a simple and easy way of extending the boundaries and makes the most of your outdoor space.’