‘I find that inspiration for my work can strike at almost any time – nature and the landscape are of course constant sources of joy but it could just as easily be something much more mundane – shop fronts or packaging, book covers and magazines, patterns and colors surround us,’ she reveals. ‘The idea is to be open to creativity and welcome it into one’s life, noting its ability to make you feel something – uplifting or otherwise.’ ‘Creativity and artistry run through our work at Designers Guild (opens in new tab) and is the bedrock of what we do – we are always trying to push boundaries and develop our creative language further. There is something soulful about creating new designs by hand that is incredibly special. I adore the painterly quality of our designs and love to use them in a modern way; contrasting the hand painted feel with contemporary architecture.’ ‘There is a notion that a modern interior should be devoid of color and pattern, that somehow colors and pattern detract from the purity of modern style and it is an idea that I wholeheartedly refute.  ‘To me, color, pattern and texture accentuate the minimal; abstract, geometric designs bring vitality and personality to simpler styles. Perhaps large-scale florals are not your thing, but a smart painterly geometric pattern can look every bit as modern and add that vital ingredient to your space – soul.’ ‘So, if your personal style is more contemporary, don’t fall in to the trap of plain white walls and equally feel you should stint on the artistry and creativity – let them in and enjoy.’