We admit to spotting on TikTok, but having tried it, we have found it works a treat for a quick fabric refresh, though not stain removal.  And all you need is a saucepan lid, a microfiber cloth, and a spray bottle of upholstery cleaner.

Using a saucepan lid to clean fabric – 3 steps to spotless furnishings

1. Choose the correct-size lid

Before beginning the cleaning process, Camilla Pelly, the Brand Manager at Purdy & Figg (opens in new tab) explains that you should find the correct sized saucepan lid. The width depends on how many areas you want to cover. ‘It should be small enough that it can be easily gripped whilst cleaning. If you are looking to clean larger areas of fabric (e.g a sofa or carpet), you may want to size up,’ she says.  

2. Fold a microfiber cloth around the lid

3. Add multi-surface spray and clean in a circular motion 

Once the microfiber cloth is firmly in place, you should apply a few sprays of multi-surface spray directly onto the cloth before beginning the cleaning. Camilla recommends Purdy & Figg’s Counter Clean (opens in new tab), but you can use any of your favorite sprays.   ‘For maximum results, use a circular motion to work the product into the fabric. It will work wonders to freshen up and lift any dirt and help neutralize any odors,’ she says.  If you’re looking at how to clean a couch or restore your carpet, it is always best to do a patch test on any precious surfaces first to avoid damaging your surface.  A photo posted by on Camilla also warns against using any harsh chemical cleaners or products that contain bleach as these may damage the fabric for good. Instead, it is better to look for gentle but effective natural products that will clean your fabric quickly.  ‘I love this trick for refreshing upholstery, which I have to confess to spotting on TikTok and trying immediately,’ adds H&G’s Editor in Chief, Lucy Searle. ‘It’s the perfect hack for giving a living space a refresh before guests arrive.’