Victoria recently gave an insight into her favorite wind-down ritual (including the best pillow for her skin and hair) to Violet Grey in an interview for The Violet Files (opens in new tab) – and her routine is refreshingly easy to copy. This is what the designer’s sleep routine involves.

Victoria Beckham’s ‘perfect evening’ routine

From therapeutic bathroom ideas to silk pillowcases, the secret to sleeping better is simple, according to Victoria Beckham. And if it’s good enough for the celebrated designer, we’re certainly willing to give it a try.  ‘A perfect evening, for me, isn’t complete without a warm bath before I get into bed,’ Victoria says. ‘I’m trying to practice healthy sleep habits and love being mindful as I end my day. The Slip Silk Pillowcase (opens in new tab) makes it that much easier for me to get a full night’s sleep. (A bonus is how good they make my hair and skin feel!)’ Silk pillowcases definitely get Victoria Beckham’s stamp of approval, and they’re equally admired by those in the sleep industry.  This Victoria Beckham-approved pillow is known for its anti-aging and anti-bed head qualities. It’s also designed to reduce friction, allowing your skin to glide along the material overnight. This can reduce pressure on creased skin and makes this the perfect anti-acne bedroom essential.  ‘If you’re a hot sleeper and wake up in the night overheating, then silk is the perfect solution for you,’ Joanna Ross from Sheridan (opens in new tab) explains. ‘This fabric is truly the superior alternative when it comes to bedding; not only is it good for your hair and skin, it’s naturally hypoallergenic and thermoregulating, so you can say goodbye to the very warm and sleepless nights.’ The expert adds that silk pillows are synonymous with a luxurious night’s sleep and are (perhaps unsurprisingly) the ‘perfect bed companion for your beauty rest’. Plus, if you know how to wash a silk pillowcase correctly, you can enjoy its benefits for many nights into the future.  In her interview, Victoria added that her self-care routine continues beyond the bedroom to the rest of her home in the shape of one of the best candles on the market, Diptyque’s Figuier Scented Candle (opens in new tab).  ‘I surround myself with candles. They are everywhere you could imagine – at home, at the office, and always at my Dover Street store,’ she says. ‘This scent is the perfect combination of woody, warm, and fruity that I really love. Harper even loves to burn these candles during her own routine. Like mother, like daughter.’ Whether you incorporate a therapeutic soak in the tub into your evening or you make a silk pillow investment, you can sleep easy knowing your routine is a firm favorite in the Beckham household.  Diptyque’s Figuier Candle will fill your space with a rich fragrance of ripened figs. The candle boasts 50 to 60 hours of burn time and is made in France with paraffin wax.