Designed by her mother, Tish Cyrus, the space is thoughtful, colorful and bursting with personality, featuring everything from the best outdoor furniture to our favorite – the bathroom – which fully embraces Tish’s signature style.  Take the focal point: the Tiger-faced Gucci wallpaper. Just like the 28-year-old singer, this wallpaper is a force to be reckoned with, and when paired with marble countertops and 1970s-inspired sconces, it makes a long-lasting impression.  If you were left swooning over this stylish statement, you’re in luck – not only have we spotted the exact wallpaper Miley Cyrus has in her bathroom, we have also rounded up four other statement-making suggestions.

1. Furnish walls with Miley Cyrus’ Gucci bathroom wallpaper

2. Choose a subtler approach with this pared-down version

3. Invest in this colorful choice

4. Feature this sleek safari-inspired selection

5. Invest in this gorgeous geometric wallpaper 

Influenced by Gucci’s women’s ready-to-wear collection, this wallpaper (opens in new tab) will make a strong statement. With repetitive tigers throughout, it will work well as a standalone option or paired with the best candles. 

For those who love the idea of Miley’s go-to wallpaper but are a bit nervous about the bold colors, let us recommend this toned-down version (opens in new tab). Designed by Aimee Wilder, this strikingly whimsical wallpaper is available in three different variations, and sure to delight both children and adults. 

Create a boho-inspired look with this peel-and-stick wallpaper (opens in new tab). Featuring a timeless toile design, the multi-colored hue choice is a safer, more subtle selection. 

Another excellent recommendation is this safari-inspired wallpaper (opens in new tab) that showcases leopards taking a single-file stroll and available in charming choices. Plus, the only thing better than that is it’s also an Anthropologie bestseller. The ultimate win-win! 

Last but not least, if animal-inspired wallpapers are not your forte, create abstract and contemporary styles with this gorgeous geometric choice (opens in new tab). Available in three variations, each features bold lines for a modern look.