While the placement of a bird feeder may not be at the peak of your garden ideas, its position could prevent a window collision – an increasingly common threat for birds worldwide.  In the US alone, 600 million birds a year die after a collision (253 million of these collisions occur at residential properties). However, you can combat this statistic by adjusting the placement of your bird feeder. Marc Parnell, author of the book series, The Birding Pro’s Field Guides (opens in new tab), explains what you need to know. 

Where to hang your bird feeder – to prevent window collisions

Marc recommends keeping your bird feeder at a distance of 25 feet or more from your window. ‘The primary concern with feeders situated in the danger zone (about three to 25 feet away from windows) is that birds can generate enough momentum to make a window strike fatal,’ he explains. This distance will give the bird more room to flee from a predator or seek shelter if needed. 

How can you collision-proof your garden? 

If you’re wondering how to plan your garden, so it is an (extra) safe haven for birds, Marc says there is a further way to keep the creatures safe. He recommends purchasing a  UV-reflective decals for your window – to alert birds to the presence of a potential hazard ahead.  ‘Unlike humans, birds can observe both visible and ultraviolet light; by fastening an ultraviolet-reflecting decal to a window, humans can alert birds to the presence of this potential hazard without making any serious or time-consuming investment,’ Marc says. ‘These decals are often available in garden-friendly silhouettes, such as butterflies, flowers, leaves, or even birds.’  We’re reinventing our cottage garden ideas to make our spaces safer for the seasons ahead.  While the Marc-approved silhouettes will add a sense of character to your space, we recommend picking up a minimalist alternative. These Glass Alert Distraction Markers will encourage birds to stay clear of your windows – but you’ll hardly notice they’re there. 

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