While the tone of your wall will always be important, sleep experts have revealed that your reading habits may also influence your slumber – and they’re not talking about the content of your book (though, we imagine that might have something to do with it too).  Experts have revealed that the colors of the books on your nightstand may be stopping you from sleeping better, so you may need to rearrange your reading list in order to create a restful environment. Sharing their bedroom ideas, the sleep gurus explain what you need to know. 

Why you may need to rearrange your nightstand – for a better night’s sleep 

According to Martin Seeley, the CEO and sleep expert at MattressNextDay (opens in new tab), you should remove your darker books for lightly-hued covers. The best are those with a blue, green, or pink sleeve.

Blue books

‘This peaceful and calming color has tremendous power to manage stress and slow down your heart rate – which are two benefits you want just before bedtime,’ Martin says.  However, he isn’t alone in his admiration for this tone. Psychologist and wellbeing consultant Lee Chambers (opens in new tab) adds that this color will encourage you to destimulate and switch off before sleep.  He adds that blue offers a ‘feeling of stability and safety’ at a time when we are falling into a state where we are unable to protect ourselves, so it is a suitable choice for the bedroom. 

Green books

This organic hue has already topped color trends in rooms beyond the bedroom for several seasons, but it is showing no signs of wavering.  ‘Because this color symbolizes nature, it’s an extremely comforting tone to surround yourself with before bedtime,’ Martin says. ‘Try and pick books with beige greens and pale-yellow greens as these are the most stress-reducing shades.’ Colour therapist Jane Wood adds that this natural color brings an ’earthy energy’ to your space to ease our minds before sleep. 

Pink books

Pink, in all its romantic hues, is thought to promote love and peace, but it also has feng shui benefits too. Martin explains that pink books promote a ‘balance of your energies’ that will help you drift off into a peaceful slumber.  So, while you may have the best mattress you can find, you may need to upgrade your library too. Happy reading (and sleeping) one and all.