If you have read up on how to create a positive Feng Shui home (whether in regard to a new or current property), you may already know about some of the most famous rituals.  From learning why people are sprinkling rice around their homes to blowing cinnamon at your front door, many people turn to spiritual practices to encourage good luck and an abundance of wealth in their homes. This is where scattering coins come into play. Here’s what we know about the practice – and how it may benefit your future homes, too.

Why are people scattering coins around their homes?

‘The action of scattering coins on the floor of your new home comes from the Philippines,’ explains Tania Vasallo, a money mindset spiritual mentor and the founder of The Courage To Be Happy (opens in new tab). This national tradition is completed on moving day and is believed to bring ‘prosperity and good luck’ to those moving into the home.  And Tania is not alone in her observations. The removal experts at LOVESPACE (opens in new tab) have similarly identified this ritual as one of the ‘most common moving rituals from around the world’ – adding that it is believed to deter bad omens and spirits.  ‘Although some of them may seem quite bizarre, a little extra luck is always needed when embarking on a fresh start,’ the spokesperson says. ‘[So], if you have any loose change, then scatter it across the living room floor on a moving day to bring prosperity and positive energy to the household.’ While many may know what to put outside a front door for luck, Tania suggests that this ritual is also often accompanied by another practice that may be less known amongst new homeowners. In this case, you place old coins on your new doorstep and inside foundation posts before the cement on the doorstep hardens and dries. This will allow the coins to dry into the step – and is believed to bring you good luck. ‘This practice is meant to attract wealth and prosperity to the family living in the house. You can also make an imprint of the coin on the doorstep of the home to encourage a steady flow of wealth,’ Tania says. ‘Even if you don’t believe in these superstitions, it’s a great way to prime your subconscious mind and visualize all the prosperity coming into your life.’