Enter – the Fiddle leaf fig – the one house plant that has brought real estate agents together in agreement. So, if you’re looking for one of the best ways to add value to your house quickly, this plant is a failsafe investment. 

Does the Fiddle leaf fig add value? 

‘Fiddle leaf figs and swiss cheese plants are millennial favorites, and considering that nearly half of homebuyers are millennials, these plants are a must,’ begins Lauren Reynolds, an agent at Compass (opens in new tab) in Connecticut. Lauren suggests that this house plant’s power stems from social media or the HGTV effect, which is influencing the most desirable interior design trends.  ‘They seem to be a go-to for interior design influencers and, as a result, have been trickling down into our everyday design,’ Lauren says. ‘These plants signal to prospective buyers wellness and life.’ From the east coastal estates of Connecticut to the properties in Charleston, South Carolina, the Fiddle leaf figs’ power endures. Jen McConnell, the Owner of McConnell Real Estate Partners (opens in new tab), explains that the Fiddle leaf fig is one of the best indoor trees you can choose when selling your home – most primarily because of its ability to elevate a room instantly.  ‘The most popular house plant in Charleston is the Fiddle-leaf fig. You can put it in a cute planter or pop that planter into a woven basket, and it fits right into any room,’ Jen says. The agent recommends emphasizing the plant’s power by making it taller. This decorating idea will give the Fiddle leaf fig even more dominance – and impress potential buyers further.  ‘If you want to make it a little taller, grab a larger basket, put books or something sturdy on the bottom and then put it on top of the books,’ the agent says. ‘I also grab smaller Fiddle-leaf figs and place them on kitchen countertops, the bathroom vanity, or on open shelves – they add charm to any room.’ And Phadera Flash, the founder of Property Means (opens in new tab), agrees. The agent similarly counts the Fiddle leaf fig amongst the most impactful house plants of the moment, emphasizing that this trendy greenery will ‘sell your house faster.’  Phadera adds that the Fiddle leaf fig is one of the best choices for sellers – as it has bold leaves, a striking depth of color, and is easy to maintain (which is especially important during the stress of the buying and selling process). This is your cue to invest in a Fiddle leaf fig at the next opportunity.