Sleep experts have revealed that this storage solution may be stopping you from sleeping better  – and it may be time to rethink its placement.  So, while you may limit your coffee intake before sleep and invest in the best mattress available, this surprising detail may be having a noticeable impact on your slumber. 

Why you should never have a shoe rack in your bedroom

‘For all of us, keeping your shoes in an accessible place in your home is important. But when it comes to making your bedroom a Feng Shui sanctuary, it’s a good idea not to put storage accessories like shoe racks in there,’ says expert Kriti Mawji from Belledorm (opens in new tab).  Feng Shui (translating to ‘good fortune’) is a system of traditional Chinese practice that encourages good energy in your living space. And perhaps the most important of these spaces is the bedroom. ‘Those who follow Feng Shui laws strictly believe that putting a shoe rack in your bedroom creates a negative energy field,’ Kriti says. This will consequently create a negative sleep environment and disrupt your sleep.  ‘In practical terms, placing shoes that are dirty or damaged in plain view in an area (your bedroom) designated for rest and renewal is incongruous,’ she adds. While this bedroom idea may appear unconventional, the sleep expert is not alone in her observations. Steve Payne at Sleep and Snooze (opens in new tab) also reinforces this Feng Shui teaching, explaining how there is a ‘negative energy field around shoes.’ They should, therefore, be kept away from your sleep space. 

What should you use instead?

Steve urges you to avoid keeping shoes in any part of your bedroom, but when that is not possible, you can still opt for a more sleep-friendly storage idea. Kriti recommends investing in furnishing with a closed-shelf design (and ventilation to prevent bad odors in your space).  She explains that, in Feng Shui terms, this is more acceptable because the cabinet-style ‘traps bad energy and lets it out of your living space using proper ventilation.’ Will you reinvent your bedroom shoe storage? We’re experimenting with a new cabinet at the next opportunity.