Investing in a high-quality wine storage option unlocks a whole new world of features for preserving the taste of your favorite wines. That includes coolers with different temperature zones to accommodate whites or reds, as well as more basic countertop storage options, with ample space to store bottles vertically or horizontally depending on your preference. If you want to integrate your wine into your kitchen design and are searching for kitchen storage ideas, there are also options to color match your countertops, for maximum design distinction. 

10 wine storage picks for your favorite cases and bottles

1. This wine storage cabinet is work of art in its own right

2. This adjustable wine storage cabinet is perfect for subtly integrating into your space

3. This wine storage rack is sure to attract compliments from guests

4. This wine fridge allows you two temperature zones to create optimal conditions

5. Keep your wine storage under stairs for a luxury look

6. This wine storage bar serves a rattan look with a twist

7. This freestanding wine storage rack can be placed anywhere for a touch of gold

8. This wine storage can hang on your wall and accentuate your kitchen

9. This marble quartz rack is a piece of wine storage heaven

10. This wine storage ladder can instantly make your larder the place to be

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When it comes to wine storage, it’s understandable you might be looking for a very specific product to hold your exact number of bottles, or cater to the exact conditions you want to keep your vintages in. If you’re still searching for your ultimate wine storage, browse our recommended retailers below: Conceal your storage and show off your collection with this refined bar cabinet from CB2. Made from high-quality walnut and with a marble cut out section for displaying your best bottles and mixing drinks, this is the ultimate pick for both organizing and entertaining. The soft close doors are another perfect touch that make this an investment into the activity of opening your favorite bottle of wine.  Integrate your wine rack into your pantry or entertaining space with this wonderful cabinet, which has so many storage options contained within a lovely piece of furniture. Available in black or grey, it has adjustable shelves, so if you have unique bottles to store, you can make just the right amount of space work.  This rack is a novel and stylish way to store your bottles, and will make the finishing touch to your dining room. Capable of holding 40 bottles of wine and with a vintage, rustic design, this will accentuate your home and save you space.  Easily match your cabinets to your wine storage with this amazing integrated unit, which has the standout feature of dual temperature-controlled zones. That allows you to keep two colors of wine within the perfect conditions in the comfort of your own pantry or kitchen. Plus, it has five adjustable shelves and active cooling technology, for the best storage your wine could wish for.  Show off your wine collection to guests with this under stairs storage, and make the most of an often unused space at the same time. With a variety of racking heights, this layout will give your home a contemporary feel, and show off the best of your bottles. With space for 126 bottles, there are also a number of different finishes, so that you can match the shade to your decor if you can’t fill all of the gaps just yet.  This rattan cabinet delivers when it comes to design, with a polished way to store your wines discreetly. It has a solid wood frame and can hold wine bottles in divots within. The top of this unit also allows space for wine glasses or cocktail shakers, so that you’re always ready to make a drink on the evening of a dinner party.  This wonderful rack from Amara is a less permanent way to keep your bottles around, with a honeycomb shape that integrates a touch of modernity into the design of your rooms. Available in two different sizes depending on how your collection is shaping up, this will instantly transform your storage, and you can move it into whichever room you’re entertaining in. This is the essential wine storage for adding above your drinks cabinet or to elevate your entire kitchen. There’s space to store bottles and hang glasses or flutes, all tied up within the lovely hardwood finish of this piece. Sturdily made and built to last, this is a wonderful way to integrate storage into living spaces. Perch this dainty wine rack on your dining table or cabinet for the ultimate touch of elegance. Feminine and with wonderful finishing touches, this hand-thrown wine rack is a gorgeous way to integrate your favorite bottles in your living space. It holds five bottles and is made from iron and rose quartz. The design of this ladder wine rack is simple and understated and lets your wine collection shine. It has a sophisticated edge thanks to the chic ladder layout and is capable of storing 8 bottles at a time. 

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