Forget what you know about traditional garden makeover shows. Your Garden Made Perfect not only features some of the biggest names in garden design but integrates virtual reality into the design and pitching process. See: Garden Trends 2021 - all the latest looks and new ways to garden

What is Your Garden Made Perfect about?

‘Your Garden Made Perfect is a brand new garden design show like no other,’ explains Angela. ‘In a nutshell, we take a couple who are completely stuck about what to do with their garden and get some fabulous designers in to create design solutions using virtual reality.’ Each couple will be able to effectively step into the plans for the garden via VR headsets. They are able to look around the reimagined space before committing to the design. ‘This show is not about helping people plant bulbs or keep hydrangea hydrated. It’s about using design to transform undervalued outdoor spaces and enrich our lives,’ says Angela. ‘That sounds a bit grand but I think the last year has shown how much joy, ease and comfort we get from our gardens or balconies or whatever space we have. The VR helps people to understand the potential outside their windows, without risk.’ ‘The projects will vary from big-budget transformations to reinventing small spaces. ‘Along with our four award-winning garden designers, Pip Probert, Helen Elks-Smith, Tom Massey and Manoj Malde, we also have Joel Bird on board as our small spaces designer!’ adds Angela. ‘He gets properly stuck in renovating smaller spaces with smaller budgets, so there really is something for everyone.’ If you have been plotting to redesign your backyard or front lawn the show itself promises to be bursting with garden design tricks of the trade. After spending a few weeks in the company of garden design experts Angela admits that she has learnt a few secrets to cracking the garden design process. ‘It’s made me think of my garden as a room in itself, instead of just a lawn with some shrubs,’ explains Angela. ‘When it was warm enough, we would bring our kitchen table outside, have our meals out there, create a little dining area, bring our chairs from the living room. ‘It’s had me thinking about how we can use the garden so it isn’t somewhere to just put a blanket and sun lounger once a year,’ she adds.

When is Your Garden Made Perfect on?

The show will be available to watch on BBC Two on Tuesday 4th February at 8pm (UK). However, you can also catch it on BBC IPlayer – and look out for it on BritBox too.